Building Effects Pedals

I built my first effects pedal. I finished it on 1/20/08. It is a blender pedal, based on a design by Sean MacLennan. The version I built included a volume control and was built using a layout and pcb image by Gaussmarkov.

I went all in for my first attempt at pedal making, etching a pcb to start the process. Here is a pic of the PCB.

The etch went really well, the traces look good. I had some issues drilling the holes though. I need to work out a better system for that.

I didn't take any pictures while I was in the building process, so here is the finished product.

The guts.

I also tackled doing an enclosure etch for the artwork on the pedal. I'm really happy with how it came out.

I think I may switch the white knobs out for red ones at some point. It works great!

Next project will be a delay pedal for Austin.