My Bass Cabinet Project

Since the mid 1990's I have been playing thru an Ampeg Isovent cabinet. It is an odd cab, with two fifteens firing into each other, two tens and a small tweeter. It has been a good cabinet and I like the way it sounds.

It had a rattle in the jack plate on the back, so I took it off to see what the deal was.

It was just some loose tolex covering, but I found that there was a light bulb in there. I found out it is in there as a fuse for the tweeter. I never knew that it was there. I usually ran the cab with the tweeter off.

The only problem with this cab is it weighs a lot. It checks in at a portly 135 pounds. I hate carrying it up steps, I can't do it by myself. I decided I was going to replace it with something lighter.

I started shopping around and almost pushed the "complete transaction" button on a couple of different online shopping carts. Then I stumbled upon some threads on the talkbass forum that mentioned cabinet designs by Bill Fitzmaurice. The more I read the more I thought it was something that I would like since I like building stuff. So I went ahead and bought a couple plans.

I settled on his Omni 10 cab, loaded with two Eminence Deltalite II 2510s and four Goldwood GT-1016 2" x 5" Wide Dispersion Piezo Horn Tweeters. It's a 500 watt two ten cab!

After some challenges, I got it built and hooked it to my rig. I was amazed at the sound I got out of it. It easily kept up with the Isovent in the bottom frequencies and had a ton of punch. It had nice clean mids and highs. It was as "loud" as the Isovent at one third the weight.

Here's a pic of the finished build.

Here is a pic of the recessed jacks.

Instead of caulking in the tweeters I made gaskets out of craft foam.

Great cabinet, great sound. The plans were detailed, accurate and easy to follow. It was fun building it, though there were some frustrations here and there. I learned a lot too. Thanks to the people on the forums at Bill's website for helping with questions I had, they were great.

Here is a pic of my finished (for now) system.